The mission of the Alliance for Israel's Future is to foster and promote an understanding of, and conduct educational activities focused on, critical issues facing Israeli society. We are committed to the development of new leadership and the generation of public discourse that address the goals of strengthening civil society. Our orientation embraces progressive values that include democratic ideals, universal human rights, pluralism, equal economic opportunity, fiscal responsibility, and a just basis for national security.



The Alliance for Israel’s Future (“Alliance”) was formed with the goal of supporting, in concert with other civil society organizations, activities and programs dedicated to maintaining and strengthening democratic values within the State of Israel. The quality and civility of public discourse within Israel has been increasingly compromised in recent years, due in part to heightening tensions between competing political and social philosophies within both government and society at large. This has placed significant strain on the ability of citizens and institutions to work together to address core issues in Israel, including human rights failures, economic inequality, and other areas of concern.

The Alliance will work to ameliorate this strain and to help restore integrity and civility to public discourse by supporting activities designed to enrich public dialogue, ensure a place for liberal ideas within the larger realm of civic philosophies, and promote educational opportunities for sharing information about democratic and progressive principles. By bringing together organizations and individuals focused on these issues, the Alliance hopes to strengthen the commitment of Israel’s population and institutions to essential democratic standards and to empower individuals and communities to learn more about engagement in public discourse, civic responsibility, and the intellectual framework underpinning progressive philosophies.



The Alliance endeavors to reinvigorate Israel’s liberal camp by identifying and supporting the most ambitious, resourceful, and thoughtful organizational leaders in Israel today, alongside organizations working in the sphere of liberal political ideas. We envision that these individuals and organizations, who have demonstrated commitments to democratic, pluralistic values, will become the next generation of Israeli leaders. A cohort of selected FELLOWS and organizations will work together in an effective network of shared goals and values.